New: English-version of this blog

This is for all the people I will meet and get to know in Canada. I try to translate most of my German posts in English so that you can follow my activities and experiences, too. To give you some general information about my work&travel trip in Canada:

From August 17 to winter 2013 or spring or summer 2014 I am going to travel (and work) from Toronto to Vancouver. This is a distance of 3363 kilometres and 96 meters as the crow flies (so that is the reason why I called my blog The first two weeks I will stay in Toronto at a hostel called Planet Traveler. On August 29 I am going to go to Mitch and Lola, who live in a small place between Ontario and Montréal, 450 kilometres east of Toronto. From there I have to travel 3813 kilometres to Vancouver… but I have time.

I will post new information about my travel preparations soon. If you want to comment on my posts but do not want to use your email please use

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